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School Foundation Value

What, you ask, is the value of a school foundation?
I’m glad you asked! The National School Foundation Association, of which our Foundation is a member, lists the following:
1. It builds communication between the school and its community.
2. It raises awareness of a school’s needs.
3. It increases academic and educational opportunities.
4. It prepares future school board members.
5. It adds another group of adults who can represent the school’s needs to the community.
6. It assists and supports the school’s administration and teachers.
7. It creates increased community involvement in school affairs.
8. It creates new grant opportunities from outside sources.
My biggest hope is that our Foundation will allow our students and teachers to be more innovative and more expansive in their thinking about what is possible for them. Creativity is often shut down in the face of “There’s no money for that.” What could they accomplish if they heard “I think we can help!” instead. MPW


The Idea

At a meeting of the Edmeston Rotary Club last fall, club members were discussing the ever-increasing pressure on school budgets, and how cuts in staff, programs, and activities have had a negative impact on education in New York State. From those discussions sprang the idea of creating a local school foundation, to raise funds to help the Edmeston Central School District provide our students with enhanced opportunities that that the school budget can’t provide.
The Edmeston Education Foundation, Inc. was formed last fall as a New York State not-for-profit corporation. This month the Foundation was granted tax-exempt status by the IRS. The initial officers and directors of the foundation are Martin Winsor, Martha Winsor, and Mary Jain Dayger.
We will now begin the process of soliciting donations from individuals, organizations, businesses, and other foundations, from which to make grants to teachers, staff, and administrators at ECS to implement new programs and activities. Grants will be made based upon written applications that show merit.
The Foundation exists to help the Edmeston Central School District, but will operate independently. We will look to expand our board of directors in the coming year. One may not serve as a director if he or she is currently employed by the school district or currently serves on the school board.
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Those seeking more information should feel free to call Marty Winsor at (607)965-6623 or to send an email to the foundation’s email address at Donations may be sent to The Edmeston Education Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 5129, Edmeston, NY 13335.
Thanks for joining us on the journey! MPW